Singapore Airport

Singapore Changi airport becomes green. 

In 2019 the idea was get the green tropical outside in via the "jewel" a super greenhouse in the center of Changi Airport including waterfall (see below). 
Departures and transfers at Changi Airport get a bit of an green touch, efficient and pleasant. 
Only trips to the city are relatively tedious. In fact, the airport is only moderately connected to the public transport network:

Singapore Changi Airport Jewel
There is no direct, fast metro connection to the city. The public bus takes an hour to downtown. Passengers can also book shuttle buses to the hotel. 
Singapore Airport

Restaurants food eating and drinking

The best thing about Singapore is the wide range of first-rate, often inexpensive Asian food served by the Hawker Stalls, the city's food stalls. The culinary diversity at Changi Airport is correspondingly lush with a total of 120 different providers. It goes far beyond the usual hamburger and donuts chains. The main idea in the last decade was to develop Singapore as a Business leisure and shopping hub in southeast Asia and this concept was flying what also is flying are the prices and that way Singapore became one of the moth expensive place on mother-earth.

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Delicious Japanese ramen noodle soups can be found at Ajisen Classic on the third level in the departure area of ​​Terminal 3. Seafood pizza or a lobster and chicken combo features spaghetti. For those who prefer halal menus and vegetarian options, try Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine at Terminals 2 and 3. With exotic Asian sweets, Hong Kong lures Sheng Kee Dessert in Terminal 2 and 3. The counters are open 24/7, as are the two food courts in Terminal 1 and 3.

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Delicacies for home

A nice souvenir from Singapore are local specialties. For the equivalent of just under 4.50 euros offer the 7-Eleven supermarkets in Terminals 2 and 3 a packaged version of the Malaysian Laksa soup. This allows the flavors of the food stalls in the local kitchen. Chinese snacks such as crispy crab rolls are featured in store Bee Cheng Hiang in all terminals.

Another popular souvenir is fresh orchids that are packaged ready for delivery in the Top Orchids stores in all three terminals. Hip and expensive Asian designer goods and fashion are sold by Chinese designer label Shanghai Tang in Terminal 2.

  • Waiting in the tropical airport garden.

Singapore is right on the equator, and nowhere else is the tropics so smoothly integrated into an airport. Changi owns the only airport butterfly garden in the world, in the open air in the departure area of ​​Terminal 3. A visit to the barred green area is sweaty. Around a thousand colorful butterflies flutter around here or sit on flowers and laid pineapple slices. Among the 47 different species, there are such sonorous names as the tree nymph or the blue glass tiger.

In total, Changi offers five outdoor and indoor gardens, including the sunflower garden on the roof of Terminal 2. Those who need a dose of nicotine may even smoke in certain places. In the cactus garden of Terminal 1, the La Cave Bar offers Bavarian Weissbier - but the half costs the equivalent of eleven euros.

  • Swimming on the terminal roof.

In the departure area, on the roof of Terminal 2, Changi has a swimming pool under the open sky, plus Jacuzzis and sun loungers. Guests pay at the reception of the Ambassador Transit Hotel the equivalent of about $ 10,- and then bask in the water which is refreshing and effective against a jet-lag,

  • Relax with fish.

A "Fish Spa" is available at Gate D 41 in Terminal 1. If you spend your time there put your bare feet in one of the pelvis - and feel a light tickle on your toes and soles. Small black fish gnaw dead skin cells. At first it feels a bit strange, then very relaxing.

A self-portrait goodbye.

A total of 550 Internet kiosks are in the three terminals, their use is as free and simple as the airport-wide Wi-Fi. Mobile devices can be powered by 856 USB charging points. In Terminal 1 is the so-called Social Tree, an installation of eleven meters in height and nine meters in diameter with a 360-degree display: At photo booths you take a picture of yourself or fellow travelers, sends it directly by mail and leaves it on the screen project the "tree".

  • Cinemas with blockbusters and classics.

There are many places to relax in Changi. Especially on the upper floors above the main level, "Free Rest Areas" are furnished with comfortable armchairs. Most popular are the two airport cinemas, each on Level 3 in Terminal 2 and 3. Here run free blockbusters and classics. Some visitors also take a nap here. Prominent placed in front is a large digital clock, so no one missed the boarding time for the onward flight.

Travelers who have at least five hours before their connecting flight can take a bus ride through the city, also for free. The two-hour heritage tour to Singapore's attractions starts four times a day between 9am and 4pm. Evening at 18