Singapore Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park Tour.

A Singapore day tour to Jurong Bird Park is an absolute highlight and you can be sure about 80% of this beautiful and exotic flying animals you haven't seen and probably never heard about before.
Jurong Bird Park Parrot

But here you can visually experience them just in front of you in a natural slightly-modified environment.  They even have several bird shows during the day where the parrots count to ten in English Chinese and Tamil and they really do it no tricks and cheats. 

Singapore bird park

Have you seen the tiger jumping through the hoop ? Well at the Bird Park in Singapore it's not the tiger it's the red blue parrot which flies through the hoop not only through one but through 4 in a row it's really amazing what this little animal with wings can do.They are very uncomplicated birds, you give them food, they eat it, that's it. The positive you have out of this are great  colors, some "crrrrr creeee" and a happy bird plus tourist, so what ? 

The Singapore Birdpark Map.

And? You maybe won't believe it but on the next day, they are still here, not eaten imagine here around are all Chinese. Actually the tourists will be even happier when they visit the Marina Bay Sands casino and win some money its really worth a visit. 

Singapore has among other a "flying kingdom" and to emphasis this the "City State" has been strongly marketed as a family holiday destination with countless spots and other possibilities for children and adults alike everyone in a family should be kept happy. 

Singapore's flying animal kingdom.

Singapore's flying animal kingdom inhabited with wonderful tropical birds and more fascinating animals from all over the world and the Singapore zoo with more than 3300 mammals birds reptiles and fishes is for sure worth a visit. But now we talk about the Jurong Bird Park and bird-lovers will definitely be amazed with all the feathered beauties of the park.

Changi Airport is another highlight of the city state.

The Tropical Orchid Garden bring exotic flowers and colors to the city.
Clarke Quay dinner and entertainment.
There are rare and beautiful varieties of an exotic flyer. The Jurong Bird Park is not so well known since a lot of people go bird watching but to be honest it's always difficult to spot all these small colorful beauties so visitors are not really after it but here they are really visually around in their semi-natural environment as it is visible at the bird park map.

Ok I don't know what this little stalker are thinking about but since many of them are there and not flying away even when they have the possibility to do so it can't be so negative for them. The people who want to save the world the animals and other creatures should go and try to save the rats but this is also not so good since we get the plague and other diseases back. 

Singapore Nature Attraction.

The beautiful Jurong jungle setting around the bird park is on the west side of Singapore Island Changi Airport where you arrived is on the east side.

In between is a very interesting island republic full of exotic people food entertainment shopping lots of money to be made good nightlif nice tropical living plus Singapore girls and so on. It's expensive in relation to the countries around and they don't like chewing gum, yes you heard right that is banned. But anyway the birds are not interested in chewing gum Here are the parrots macaws cockatoos flamingos storks hornbills shoe-bills cranes eagles vultures exotic crown-pigeons and plenty of other bird species are around.

The Jurong Bird Park Parrot community.

The Bird Park  is one of the top places in Singapore to visit for the kids too. All birds have their data sheets placed nearby so people always know where they look at.  There is a pelican cove a flamingo site with a splendid waterfall with countless parrots cranes ducks you can watch from below the water surface and if you like buy some food and feed the parrots a theme store gives you an excuse to go shopping. 

Exotic Parrots are plenty.

What I didn't like at all is they charge a special low entrance price for the senior citizen but only if you are a Singaporean. This is for sure a discrimination since when they come to Europe or the US the just pay the same as the locals. Actually this is something the Singaporeans have in common with the Myanmar and Thais there also the foreigners pay two or three times the entrance fee at national parks zoos and similar places.

The Singapore Jurong Bird Park is an attractive day trip only some minor walking is essential. But if you don't like to walk around there is an elevated monorail following the circuit and quite a lot is visible from this mini train. 

The park spans over around 20 hectares mean go man go. If you have a look for the daily show and a close look at the other places you can watch the birds flying and see the immense wing span, the vultures participating in the bird show have around 2-meter wingspan, this is incredible. Visiting the place should be part of every first time encounter to the City-State, it is a great experience to watch hundreds of birds at one location easily walking from colorful exotic bird to the next.

​​The walk-through is easy, places to rest are under the tropical jungle trees and every resting place has a machine to get some drinks, it's not very cheap at 4 S$ for a small bottle of coke from the vending machine but when the sweat is running and the next "little thing", maybe a parrot is calling, what can you do. 

Passing the wetlands and some patches of mangroves you can sometimes even encounter animals which have escaped the books. It's an ideal place for the bird watcher. The Jurong Bird Park is a great way to experience a great wildlife under control and takes a close but limited look into Asia's flora and fauna.