Singapore Clarke Quay

Singapore Dinner at Clarke Quay.

Bustling attractions in Singapore in the evening that is what Clarke Quay stands for it is a great place for dining and entertainment on the waterside maybe make a boat ride on the river and have some fun.

Busy Clarke Quay and renovated Robertson Quay plus the area behind and around the plaza are known for their nightlife clubs and cocktail bars, while neighborhoods like the historic Civic District plus Chinese Peranakan and colorful Little India and elsewhere Orchard Road offer a exotic insight into Singapore’s nights. Its almost forgotten past when the British roamed around and looted southeast Asia especially Burma / Myanmar its very far in the historic distance.

Clarke Quay at the Singapore River

Here are modern and stylish prime nightlife and entertainment locations. Several hotels are around Clarke Quay plus restaurants bars and clubs. Inclusive boats for Singapore sightseeing trips along the waterfront and other attractions an MRT underground station assures a quick move to any place on the island.quick transportation. 

A bit similar to Clarke quay is Fisher-mans Wharf in San Francisco with a lot of things to see and do plus offering great panorama views of the Singapore River with spectacular lights dining & shopping.

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Without a doubt this is one of the best riverfront areas in the city-state with the  spectacular views, see the Singapore Photos in the website including street performers fresh seafood. I remember a guy masqueraded like a Turkish honey seller who made brisk business with the Chinese kids around  it shows clearly it needs some ideas to make quick money. Want to move? just use the MRT its quick and reliable and you can get to anywhere in the city.

Some nightlife is right behind the river about 60 meters off the Singapore riverside is a piazza with open air live music every evening presenting styles from salsa to rock sometimes also Chinese music and other Latino a very busy nightspot indeed at Clarke Quay watch the video below

Professional life music entertainment including Karaoke.

Professional life music entertainment including Karaoke (watch the video below) and myriads of restaurants offer diverse food there is also a weekend flea market. The Quay together with the Singapore casinos is probably the prime entertainment area. 

Clarke Quay hotels including high end and budget level offer some fun for the lower end traveler since Singapore became one of the price destinations they better do something for budget tourists. It's high life until very late and professional shows make it clear that the made a transformation from a rather dull place until about a decade ago into a bustling Asian entertainment city.

Most visitors who are searching for trendy nightlife will sooner or later visit Clarke Quay if they do it rather sooner than later they have a good time more early. There are at least 2 dozen restaurants along the riverfront and at the buildings behind.

All food variants from Chinese restaurants Thai Spanish Italian and plenty of other are available and amazingly it's not as expensive. 

If you want to visit an expensive restaurant it's there plenty of them but if you are rather on a budget tour it's also there many of them plus countless of street food where you can be sure not to fall sick afterwards in contrast to other countries of the ASEAN region.

They even have a Hooters where the girls run around in hot pants yes and they have several casinos where "high roller" Thailand and the surrounding Muslim come in to loose their money. The Thai say this is because Buddha was preaching that gambling is not good and amazing the Muslims tell the same but in some other countries they fight against them self.

Singapore Nightlife.

And surprise, surprise in Singapore prostitution is legal no problem but in Thailand it is illegal although whole parts of the country are red light districts such as Phuket and Pattaya plus several quarters of Bangkok. such as Soi Cowboy Nana Plaza plus Patpong and other..

What I like in Singapore is the Chinese are not as awful hypocrites as their neighbors in Malaysia and Thailand where all this is officially against the law and here it is legal.


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