Art Buddhist Culture & Museum

Art Buddhist Culture & Museums.

To make people happy via art & culture plus decoration and wall-art. To get a quick idea of what’s up in the Singapore scene with focus on art visit the museum and for contemporary activities plus maybe meeting a real artist the best is to have a look at one of the art festival and exhibitions, for that there are many destinations. 

Buddhist Art Singapore Style
Best is have a look at the visitor center on Orchard Road (check the Singapore map below.) where a crew of very engaged people try to answer every question for up to date and fresh information in the Singapore Visitor Center.

There are plenty of artworks on sale at galleries and shops most works are imported and sold locally. Some clever people do a good business with creative things, galleries showing sculptures, installations, paintings and more. Pure abstractions are also available but most arts & crafts are native from the countries around, notably Indonesia and Malaysia, this is also called “ethnic art” with a high level of creativity especially in the fashion jewelry sector.

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest in the City State, already built in 1849 it started as a library and after decades was expanded to the current purpose, the idea was to make it a collection of interesting subjects of local history.

The Asian Civilizations Museum

The “Asian Civilization Museum” covers a wider geographic area. There are collections of items from different region in Asia, including China and the Middle East, several more interesting museums are around, have a look at the Singapore Visitor Center at Orchard Road they have up to date information including festivals which are going on throughout the year.

This is one of the three section of the National Museum specializes in pan-Asian cultures including an extensive history of China and Southeast Asia. Highlights are decorative art, including calligraphy, Chinese blue white porcelain, ceramics plus figures and objects related to Taoism and Buddhism plus ethnological interesting material.

The Peranakan Museum is another interesting one specialized in local culture which evolved from the relation of Malay and Chinese people of the Straits Settlements in Asia. The latter has 10 galleries specializing on Peranakan arts and culture a similar showcase is the Mansion in Georgetown Penang.

Peranakan means "locally born", it refers to the descendants of Chinese workers and traders who settled here and in Malaysia and married local women. Notably Penang and the result out of this marriages where Peranakan, the museums reflects the ethnic culture of the region over time and contemporary.

There is the “Singapore Art Museum”, the “National Museum of Singapore” at 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897 | Tel +65 6332 3659 | The picture at right is from their website.
Shows objects from Taiwan and the Americas with about 7800 pieces of modern art of the region are on display alternatively the place is close to the Waterloo Street Arts Belt.

Today pure decorative items such as wall art and paintings are imported from China where the artist’s work in communities to copy everything which can be sold. This objects are sold all over the world because Chinese are very productive when they see a “niche” where they can make money. E.g. in Thailand and Malaysia they sell lots of copy works to tourists which are imported from China, e.g. at Phuket are at least 2 dozen shops at the main tourist shops try their luck.
One of the most spectacular creative items is probably "jewelry art" one can find in the countless shops on the island, sparkling diamonds, gorgeous ruby, sapphire, emeralds and other precious stones plus jade jewelry, gold, silver and platinum creations are a real feast for the eyes. Also with "Buddhist Art" there is a lot of money made here from the tourists and trading means a busy and very creative art scene to spend it. Creativity usually thrives where there is money, or rather where there are people who have enough of it and are willing to spend it, welcome to Singapore. When you ask yourself what to do the best is probably visit the Visitor Center.
The center of “performing art” is the Esplanade, presenting art and culture of the city, the region around and visiting highlights, themes are events around music, theater, dance, visual arts, film and computer plus free programs. There are also concert halls with great acoustics, a "theater studio" for smaller audiences is also integrated, the idea is being creative but also experimental.

Interesting ones are the “Art Museum”; the “Art House” and not only one “Singapore Art Festival”. Galleries can easily be found around Orchard Road, browsing the Consumer Temples is the best way to find “Pop Art”, again mostly copy works from China , many of the skillful decoration at the malls and shops have the quality of pop art.

For this creations have a look into the galleries which probably will only be limited to window shopping since the objects usually carry a high price tag. Countless shops at high end hotels offer everything which brings money, the fast the better, the City-State is an expensive area. A compact view around the decorative theme is the Tanglin Shopping Center at the upper end of Orchard Road not far off from the great Orchid Garden.

Many stores with antiques, jewelry and artwork plus carpets and so on are around;
This is a somehow high end flea market with Old Buddha smuggled in from Burma, Thailand and Cambodia on sale and other interesting things to see, but be extremely careful most are fake including the certificate. Jade Buddha Statues, figurines, woodcarving and other antique artwork, most galleries are also skillfully arranged and decorated.
Beside of the museums are many art shops with creative works from around the world focusing on different subjects since this is a temporary business it probably makes sense to have a look in the visitor center at Orchard Road for the last news.