Orchard Road Shopping & Freelancer

Orchard Road is the main attraction in Singapore.

Access is easy since the SMRT Singapore North-South line runs along Orchard Road. The street version is a one-way over about 2.5 km from the Orange Grove Road intersection to Handy Road a hotel is almost every 50 meter and more are in the side street,cant find what you want? Try Singapore online shopping.

There is one mall after the other and most malls have restaurants and food courts integrated offering good food in a self-service environment. Probably the largest mall on Orchard Road is Ngee Ann City a conglomerate of luxury stores with all kind of items imaginable plus a huge bookshop, this is Kinokuniya, they say it’s the largest bookstore in Southeast Asia. 

A short distance of Ngee Ann City is ION Orchard in a newer architecture style construction, they offer, what? Shopping and dining etc. in a different packaging again with high prices. The fact is that almost everything on Orchard Road offer the same stuff in different packaging and other names, but all this malls are scrammed with people and it sounds like they make a lot of money. 

The best after touch down at Changi Airport and settle at the hotel is visit the Singapore Visitor Center at this street for fresh information and highly motivated people working there. They have almost all the information you might search for and if you cant find the paper form ask one of the employee there, they are bright people and willing to work and help. Aside of the shopping malls and sometimes integrated into the malls are the hotels, plenty of them are there and they all have one parameter, the closer to this street the higher the prices. 

At the upper reaches of the road close to the Thai Embassy is Orchard Hotel and somehow opposite the Singapore Hilton Hotel. Its sometimes difficult to understand who is who around here, it seems that the marketing machine is doing a good job and the next higher level is further south at Marina Bay with the Sands Hotel and Casino.

A hotel near or at Orchard could be a good choice there are many it needs to evaluate the price because the closer the accommodation to the street is the higher the price, anyway to stay around here is a good choice to start exploring the City State. Anyway have a look for the visitor center even no need to pay something. The Tang Plaza with the Marriot Hotel could also be a starting point, behind at Scotts Road is the Grand Hyatt Hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei, this hotel has a very good style and is quiet. 

Luckily there are no Thai lady-boy freelancer around like in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket the Singaporean have this under control here where it is legal business its under control in Thailand where this is illegal its out of control, amazing world isn't it? 

Orchard Road got its name from fruit orchards on both sides of the road in 1800's. A Mr. Orchard had a garden and plantation there hence its name. There are a few historical spots along the road one is Goodwood Park Hotel previously known as Teutonic Club, it existed since well before World War I.  When the night is coming the naughty girls are also moving in actually there are several places in Singapore to find them one is Orchard Road they hang around on several places and nobody really takes a lot of attention. 

The marvelous orchid garden is on the north-west side here is synonymous for shopping,
naughty nightlife girls at Orchard Road
some nightlife, restaurants, food courts with local things, bistros, bars, hotels, nightclubs plus plus. Tang Plaza housing the Marriott Hotel is a landmark at about the center of Orchard Road topped with a stylish Chinese pagoda tower its one of the major department store in the city, its situated at the intersection with Scotts Road, the shopping mall was started in 1934. 

Shopping and girls at Orchard Road.

Shopping at Orchard Road is not the only activity in the evening the nightlife girls are moving in actually they hang around at several places in Singapore City. Ngee Ann City is another "consumer temple" where it is visible how this philosophy is challenging any religion. Since the religion of today is consuming and no abstraction which doesn’t make sense anyway. 

All the popular brand names trying to get hold of your money for stuff you can buy elsewhere for a fraction of the price but with another name As a matter of fact most of this brand names have their products manufactured in China and elsewhere in the far east. After they have it shipped back to Europe and it is sold for about 20 times the price of even more. French and Italian companies are on the forefront to milk the consumer. Why do they have this extreme high prices? Because the marketing and media companies ask for very high prices for their sales and branding campaigns and finally the user pays without any added value for the buyer. 

Takashimaya department store at the Ngee Ann City has South East Asia largest bookstore called Kinokuniya. Wheelock Place is another book and Media store such as for CDs and DVDs on different themes. At Lucky Plaza cheating is rampant, don’t buy something there, they virtually will pull your pants and socks off. Lucky Plaza is situated just beside Tang Plaza and is a gathering point for the Pilipino workers during weekends. 

At Far East Plaza around the corner where the Tang tower pops up, at Scotts Road is famous for cheap fashion items, low price garments. Visitors may find cheap and good local food here. Close to Somerset SMRT station is Centrepoint shopping mall with Robinson and Mark & Spencer. Plaza Singapura is another interesting mall located next to the Istana entrance, there is the Golden Village Cineplex and plenty of shops. 

Close to Centrepoint Mall are more places you can buy until you have enough.